Nikola Risteski from Bintegra presented the possible ways of solving the challenges of today’s electricity grids for the needed transition to state-of-the-art power grids at the 10th PIES conference (10th Consultation on Informatics in the Energy Sector of Slovenia). We held the lecture together with our partners from Iskratel.

The typically unconnected information and operating systems of today will need to work closely in the future in order to increase the efficiency of the network’s operation. To achieve this, we suggest that the implementation of the integration of all such systems should go through the use of a common service bus, which through the use of a single semantic model (CIM), will enable uniformed exchange of data between all involved systems, both inside and outside organizations, or even between different operators e.g. DSO-TSO).

We also presented this approach to integration in the framework of the NEDO pilot project and how to open the way for innovation through the development of modern applications in the context of a comprehensive integration platform.



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