A journey to become established E2E solution provider for enterprise E-commerce and company portals

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Bintegra d.o.o. has since 2010 been one of the most recognized suppliers of software solutions in the telecommunications industry in Slovenia. Our customers are companies such as A1 Slovenia, Telekom Slovenije and Telemach. We have identified the need for an innovative and efficient e-Commerce solution or platform, which will satisfy functionality and user requirements in this area. Many projects in this field do not achieve the desired results, quality, and functionality, so these are always very demanding projects. Online sales and self-service portals in the telecommunications industry bring very demanding challenges that classic online shopping platforms cannot cope with.

In telecommunications industry it is not just about selling products and services, it is more about combining things such as ordered packages, options, phones, accessories, internet, televisions, telephony, and the like into common sales packages. There are many business rules related to customers or technologies available in a particular area and there are many different prices depending on the business rules. There are many back-end systems in companies that need to be integrated into solutions. These are, for example, CRM systems (customer data), ERP (product and stock data), product catalogues (product descriptions, images, prices for various options and business rules), campaign systems, order management systems, integration with payment service providers, integration with postal services, integration with external partners, online fraud prevention systems (fraud management) and many others.

It is also very important for customers that the solution supports an omni-channel architecture. Omnichannel user experience means user has the same user experience on all possible sales channels, for example web, mobile-app, or in shop. For example, a customer starts ordering a package and a phone with a 24-month binding on a web portal. In the middle of the order, he finds out that he would now like to look at the phones for a while or ask in the shop for something. He does all that without losing previous information and then in the branch successfully completes the order. It is very important to create for the customer consistently the same user experience on all sales channels and devices. To ensure this experience, it is very important that the solution contains a separate and centralized system for the product catalogue and order management, which can be easily integrated into all sales channels.

Customers in telco industry are searching for reliable, powerful, customized, and easy to use e-commerce solution.

The solution needs to be:

  • Configurable and customizable,
  • To be compliant with complex business (eligibility) rules applied for tariff offers,
  • Pages need to be responsive and support any web/mobile device,
  • CMS should consist of modular, reusable components. Fully accessible/manageable by customer team for fast updates/deploys.

Furthermore, solution must support:

  • Different brands- differences in branding and functionalities,
  • Different segments (residential and business / mobile, fix and convergence),
  • Omni-channel architecture and processes,
  • Advanced Shopping basket – customized and simplified for customer, based on customer data,
  • Different payment methods and delivery options,
  • Multi-languages,
  • Promotion & Campaign Management.

Almost a year ago, we stood in front of a challenge that was thrilling, exciting and quite daring all at the same time – to provide advanced E-commerce solution for Slovenian telecommunication provider A1. We knew we can do it; we knew that there will be challenges and we knew that we would fight hard to succeed. During the journey, our moto: »There is no room for a failure! « sometimes proved quite the opposite and that made the result and successful launch of the solution even sweeter.

A1 Advanced E-commerce solution offers comprehensive information for new and existing residential and corporate users and gives them the ability to purchase online. The variety of products that can be bought is overly broad; from mobile and fixed telephone packages, internet and TV packages to phones and other merchant devices that can be bought on installments (Nakupovalnica), a specific feature which attracts many new buyers. Our new solution gives the A1 customers a seamless user experience, especially now when going to the store is not as simple as it used to be. With a few clicks, the goodies are at the front door. So simple for the customer, but what lays behind is a real magic…

The main driver for Bintegra and our customer A1 was to create and deliver integrated, unified user experience across all channels and devices. The main goal was to enable consumers to move across devices and online and offline platforms with seamless transitions. An omnichannel approach enables organizations to truly take a consumer-centric approach that keeps the comprehensive customer journey on the top of their minds.

Using a state-of-the-art Digital Experience Platform Liferay DXP 7.3 and its Commerce module we succeeded to implement all required functionalities, including customer’s specific wishes and demands such as implementation of a special “Order Bar” that allows customers to see chosen products through the whole shopping process, and many other.

The Liferay DXP platform is powered by TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration Suite (FOS) that provides all the product and offering data and business rules to E-commerce. In the future other front ends will also use FOS making omnichannel approach possible. The FOS consists of a product catalog, order management, order provision and fulfilment and stands at a center of solution offering many benefits:

  • Reduced time to market for new and updated product offerings from months to only days.
  • Provision of a fully flexible and catalogue driven UXPs for large Telcos.
  • Provision of a catalogue driven order fulfilment solution optimized for high throughput.
  • Lower costs and standardized product and offering management and fulfillment.
  • Fully automated ordering process that limits the number of errors, misbehavior, and down-time to minimum.

Through integrations and orchestrations FOS also brings together functionality of vast number of existing A1 systems – single sign on, payment gateway, BSS, and OSS (Operations Support Systems) systems (customer inventory, CRM, fraud etc.) and expose it to clients (front end) in a centric and standardized way through APIs (Application programming interfaces).


If you would like to know more about E-commerce solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@bintegra.com . Thank you for your inquiry!