Agile Integration

Agile integration, combining integration technologies, agile delivery techniques, and cloud-native platforms to improve speed and security of software delivery, is a critical foundation for successful digital transformation. Build, use, and support external and internal APIs to speed up delivery and develop agility. Firms that are successfully supporting their Agile delivery teams have positioned themselves for rapid business change with broad-based integration strategies including multiple integration styles together with business APIs that are open to internal and external third parties. Well-designed business APIs enable rapid reconfiguration to business models and processes…

Portal solutions

Customer digital experience platforms (DXP) and solutions

Your customers are now on different digital channels, and they expect 24×7 availability to interact with you. We can help you to effectively solve your challenges in the following areas:

  • Launch Effective Self-Service Experiences: Empower your customers to resolve their own issues without the help of a live representative. Surface more relevant content with personalization for every customer group…
Bihub workflow

Bihub- Solution for e-mail, social media management & CRM integration

Social Media is one of the fastest growing channels that consumers use to interact with brands. With Bihub you have the full customer conversation from e-mails and social medias in one place, assigning them to other colleagues or teams. Make sure you don´t miss any question, sales lead, or customer complaint! You can simplify Social Media management, collaborate easier with your marketing agency, and integrate your CRM. Bihub gives you the possibility to link social media profiles and email address to their customer IDs in your CRM system.

Bihub workflow

biEMS- Smart Energy Consumtion

Energy monitoring is already a must for our contribution to today’s environment challenges. Our recently developed platform biEMS is a useful IT solution that enables collection, storage, management and review of current, past and future energy data and measuring data on different devices in one place. It is suitable for everyone who works in industry or is a manager of a larger building. By using the biEMS platform all the information on energy and water consumption is available in one place. The biEMS platform ensures efficient monitoring of energy investments, thus reducing operating costs in the long term and contributing to environmental care.